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Fernando Torres’ top 10 goals for Liverpool

As the final day of the January transfer window goes on, and with Fernando Torres apparently inching ever closer to a 50 million pound move to Chelsea, it seems a pertinent time to reflect on El Nino’s stunning spell at Anfield.

A record of 65 goals in 102 games stands up by anyone’s standard, especially when you throw in the fact that Torres has spent the last year or so carrying an injury.

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karim4317d ago

Class goals especially the one against Sunderland.

sokrates4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

I think suarez will make a 100 for Liverpool at the same quality as Torres poor 10. Torres has failed in Liverpool. I hope he fails in Chelsea as well!

karim4317d ago

Only a retard will say "Torres has failed in Liverpool"
He's a #LFC Legend (Well,not by the supporters)

Sahil4317d ago

Everytime i see that blackburn goal, it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.. lol

@karim - you lucky chelsea fan, enjoy the best striker in EPL :)

karim4316d ago

I agree,I am lucky :D

zico4317d ago

Socrates has been drinking to much today....telling us that Torres has failed in Liverpool. Why will Chelsea give 50mil for a player who has "failed"!

HxCGamer4317d ago

how you have that many bubbles amazes me

i am a strong liverpool supporter and i really hope suarez can play half as good as torres did

him xabi alonso and gerrard were what made liverpool good within the past couple of years

Sahil4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )


I don't think we'll get a striker like him in the next 2-3 years. Some LFC Fans who are saying bad things bout him(after his transfer request), will see.

HxCGamer4317d ago

yes yes yes

torres is great striker that has team work,which not many strikers do

i dislike chelsea strongly but ill support torres eitherway