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ohahCantona4162d ago

Noone are laughing at Rooney now! 1st goal was brilliant!

SasanovaS19874162d ago

vidic goal was waaaay sicker i think

rafay4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

Absolutely brilliant by Rooney and then Nani. First game where United look like Champions.

ohahCantona4162d ago

it is now until the end of the season it is important to tingle into shape. That has been a strong United side year after year, to be the best when it shall be decided.

Today show both ManU and Rooney they are back on track! Rooney is going to be an important and good player for United the rest of the season.

rafay4162d ago

The best thing from the game was that Rooney got goals. Hopefully now he can come into form and then it'll be really hard to beat them. They only worry for me is the central midfield area. Its empty. And Nani is somewhat unpredictable to cover for it every game.

Sahil4162d ago

"and the goal was celebrated by United fans as if they just won the FA Cup" classic commentary.. lol

karim4162d ago

Rooney was man of the match...Good to see him back but now Hernandez will have lesser chances if Rooney/Berba continue their great forms.

rafay4162d ago

Hernandez is such a great sub to have on the bench

KingPin4162d ago

chicharito wont have lesser chances. his still young, and he will play in other competitions when players like rooney and berbatov need rest. besides, owen and hernandez is a great pairing too.