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Arsène Wenger blasts Chelsea for hypocrisy over £75m transfer spree

Arsène Wenger last night accused Chelsea of hypocrisy after questioning the logic of Roman Abramovich's lavish £76.5m outlay on Fernando Torres and David Luiz despite the Russian owner claiming to support Uefa's policy of financial fair play.

"Chelsea supported Uefa's financial fair-play proposals but in the morning they announced a £70m loss and in the afternoon they buy £75m worth of players. Where's the logic in that?" Wenger said after Arsenal's 2-1 defeat of Everton. "It's hard to guess. Officially they vote for financial fair play but they can explain why they have done this much better than I can."

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zico4171d ago

Do not worry about what others are doing Wenger. You're going to beat Chelsea without spending this money. Money does not always successful!

rafay4171d ago

Well said. But honestly I think he should have spent a little himself.

zico4171d ago

He should have spent some money on a central defender!

karim4171d ago

I live to the day when Arse-ne will mind his OWN business only..Can't imagine it'll ever happen though.

Torres's price tag was too expensive (I admit) BUT Luiz was very necessary to get !

I wonder Why he didn't buy a CB,no money perhaps ?

rafay4171d ago

Oh come on now.. I expect better from you karim! You're acting like people do on fan club sites!

But 'hypocrisy' is a wrong word!

karim4171d ago

To be honest,I expect better from Wenger but he keeps on surprising me.

rafay4171d ago

Yeah I agree with that. He is supposed to the Professor

Sahil4170d ago

Looks like somebody's angry on their owners, Mr.Wenger!

Fagerborgbk4171d ago

It`s like chelsea are! the have no politics when it comes to buying players