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Chris McGrath: It's football that's gone nutty, not the Professor

He is caricatured as the mad professor, trying to build a car that runs on camomile tea. But if Arsène Wenger is crazy, it's high time the lunatics took over the asylum.

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rafay4169d ago

Great article!

Love this: "Here's another inconvenient truth. Flimsy, ornate Arsenal have just won six matches in 18 days. The dreamy alchemist and his porous team are still heavily involved in four competitions."

And: "Arsenal have so far conceded 23 League goals. True, if they had a bulwark like Nemanja Vidic, perhaps they would only have conceded 22 – like Manchester United."

And: "There are only two statements nobody seems to heed. The first is the one sent by the bank every month. The second is made by Wenger, every transfer window."

rafay4169d ago

And that second stat there goes to show, how luck United have been to not lose any game so far this season!