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Video: Inter Full-Back Cristian Chivu Slugs Bari's Marco Rossi In The Face

Experienced Inter defender Cristian Chivu has landed himself in hot bother after committing a brutal punch in the Nerazzurri's 3-0 win over Bari on Thursday night.

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The Hunter4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

What he was f*cking thinking? Our Ex-Ajacied :(

He will be punished anyway, (if the ref didnt saw it)..

Yi-Long4166d ago

... but ofcourse, now I'm also curious as to what happened between them in the minutes before this sucky punch.

crazyturkey4167d ago

Lol, I can't believe how stupid he is. Did he really forget that there must be hundreds of cameras all around him that will capture his punch.

zeddy4167d ago

thats a 10 match ban if i ever saw one.

karim4166d ago

They ONLY gave him a 4 match ban...WTF ?

Chivu (C**t) INTENDED to hit and injure the Bari player,why isn't it a 10 game ban ? Oh,I know why..Chivu plays for Inter.