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Highlights: Newcastle 4-4 Arsenal (English Premier League - 05/02/11)

0-1 Theo Walcott 1'
0-2 Johan Djourou 3'
0-3 Robin Van Persie 10'
0-4 Robin Van Persie 26'
1-4 Joey Barton 68' (pen)
2-4 Leon Best 75'
3-4 Joey Barton 83' (pen)
4-4 Ismael Chiek Tioté 87'

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no_more_heroes4501d ago (Edited 4501d ago )

ok, first things first:

1. I hope Diaby dies in a car accident on the way home
2. That second penalty seemed kinda soft, but looking at it again, Koscielny does look like he's leading with his arm a bit.
3. I hope someone carves out Diaby's voicebox and makes him a quadruple amputee so that his only means of communication is by banging his head against a Wacom tablet.
4. Arsene should have bought a center back, because Squillaci is useless.
5. I hope someone chops off Diaby's head and throws it into a woodchipper while the rest of him is fed to Great Whites Sharks

advantage, Man Utd.

karim4501d ago

Pretty harsh hoping a player dies because of a game.

no_more_heroes4501d ago

Ok fine, I don't wish him dead. Maybe a VERY extended hospital visit.

Mozilla894501d ago

Hey golden_cannon, look at it this way, you still gained on Man United today!

ValenciaLiverpoolfan4501d ago

The second penalty wasn´t penalty, but the fourth goal of Newcastle is fantastic.

no_more_heroes4501d ago

it was a soft penalty, yes, but I could see why 'certain' referees would give it.

karim4501d ago

That Tioté goal is a beauty
If United win today,the league is theirs.

rafay4501d ago (Edited 4501d ago )

And they didn't!! How awesome!!

imtiyaz64501d ago

This is all Wenger's fault, He shouldn't have brought in Squillaci, Diaby or Rosicky. Koscielny becomes a wall when he is paired with Djourou. This is the same reason we lost to Tottenham. Wenger keeps underestimating everyone. Where the hell was Song?

Shadow Flare4501d ago

Songs injured man. Dunno how long. Shouldn't be too long

crazyturkey4501d ago (Edited 4501d ago )

F***ing Diaby what the hell? Learn how to keep your sh!+ together, you screwed up what looked to be an easy victory. I'm sure his teammates will not want to even see his face for a few days. Now also the ref, there had been a few hard Newcastle tackles he should have stopped that prior to that reaction by Diaby.

Anyways Manchester United defeat made it all better.