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Highlights: Wolves 2-1 Manchester Utd [English Premier League 05/02/2011]

0-1 Nani 3'
1-1 Elokobi 10'
2-1 Doyle 40'

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The Hunter4159d ago

What a strange day in England's Football! Manchester City is the biggest winner of the day..

Sahil4159d ago

True.. amazing comeback!

The Hunter4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

Since when is Newcastle a title candidate?

zootang4158d ago

10 points clear of chelsea
5 points clear of Man City (Utd game in hand)
4 points clear of Arsenal

And we just had a kick up the arse from Wolves to remind us that the title is not over just yet.

Not a bad day!

karim4159d ago

Your comment didn't have anything to do with Title contenders,today Newcastle were the biggest winners,that's a fact

no_more_heroes4159d ago

I do not feel relieved at all. I'm even more pissed now. We could have been 2 point back!

rafay4159d ago

Woah what a day!!! And I had United picked to lose their first game next week..

The Hunter4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

I thought it was u again who put the cheated highlight on, but it was a other person!

rafay4159d ago

I didn't cheat the first time! I'm not that kind of person. I don't care about having my name on a stupid highlights thing. I have much better things in life! Thanks!

And I know it looked wrong so as soon as I saw it, I deleted it. That's how it failed so quickly. Please, benefit of the doubt?

karim4159d ago

This is a beautiful day for football fans across the globe.

karim4159d ago

You bitter mouth-fouled biased United fan.

silvacrest4159d ago

gets wound up so easily

anyway, twas a good day and very interesting premier league matches all round

Sahil4159d ago

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyy!

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The story is too old to be commented.