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Argentina 2-1 Portugal: Messi Late Show Gives The 'Albiceleste' Victory After A Battle In Geneva

A last-minute penalty from Lionel Messi broke Portuguese resistance and ensured a 2-1 victory for Argentina, in a game where both teams had ample chances to win. Messi's goal added to an exquisite first-half assist as Angel di Maria gave the 'Albiceleste' an early lead, before Cristiano Ronaldo had pegged them back with an opportunistic finish from close range.Argne

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FootballZilla4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

Im pissed that Argentina won :(

1-1 was the right result, anyone watch it?

And on the Messi Vs Ron, Messi is nothing without Xavi, Eniesta.He played all game scored a pen and got an assist.Ronaldo got goal and played 60min(i think).These games for me prove that messi is the player everyone thinks he is, he still a beast but just not as good as he is with Xavi & Eniesta.
Nani & DiMaria played good aswell.

And there was a miss of the season from Hugo Almeida lol all he had to was tap it in fro literally 3 yards, and failed.
Good game should of been a draw, the pen runied it :(

Anyone watch it?

Rockstar_Panda4156d ago

Please, Messi did more than Ronaldo. In the first 15 minutes he was the leader of Argentina's attack, and when Portugal attacked more he came down the field and he made the distribution. Of course he's not as good "alone" as he is with Xavi and Iniesta, those 3 play together for years and know each other's every move, but GOD even without them he is magic.

cleanhealthy124156d ago

fottballzilla clearly doesnt now anythng about football. also its INIESTA, how can you not know his name?

only thing messi proved is that he can pass on xavis level, and can carry his team by himsef, all ronaldo did was score a tap in pretty much

even if messi didnt score he still would have been better than cr with that assist.

and messi cant do anything without xavi & iniesta? oh please, besides the fact that hes been the best in every teaam hes been in since he was a kid, theres the olympics, and u20 wc he pretty much won by himself, the 4-1 he controled everything when argentina beat spain. the funniest thing is dani alves is actualy his bigest help in barcelona, not xavior iniesta, fucking children, i swear..

hendrikmaster4156d ago

i think it should of been 2-2