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Highlights: Fulham 0-0 Chelsea (English premier league 14.02.11)

Fulham 0-0 Chelsea, Highlights

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Maradona3735d ago

I hoped Liverpool could win over Wigan and Chelsea loose points here. But now Tottenham is closest 4th place.

karim3735d ago

How come the last two teams we face always park the bus ? So frustrating.
David Luiz = LEGEND in the making.

zico3735d ago

David Luiz was great yesterday

FootballZilla3735d ago

David IS A MONSTRER That overhead kick was AMAZING, no one would to pull that off except a brazilian.

Mozilla893735d ago

That was really frustrating to watch so I can just imagine what the players felt like. Still even with Fulham parking the bus, there were a couple of opportunities for Chelsea to score, Torres just needs to put his finishing boots on.

crazyturkey3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Now Chelsea have to get the 6 points against Manchester United if they don't want to fall from the top 4 at the end of the season.