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Milan - Tottenham Key Personal Battles

The Champions League resumes on Tuesday with a clash between Serie A leaders Milan and European upstarts Tottenham Hotspur. The Rossoneri hardly set the competition alight in the group stage, finishing second in Group G behind Real Madrid and earning only eight points from six matches. Meanwhile, in their first Champions League campaign, Spurs topped Group A ahead of holders Inter, blitzing 18 goals past the opposition sides in the process.

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Ninjamonkey824149d ago

Gattuso imo after that tonite is a Disgrace to football.I want to see him out of the game for good. He attacked an old man there, I don't give a damn Harry rednapp saying Joe Jordan can handle himself etc.

Wheres the difference in what he did there and a pensioner on the street being headbutted by some thug. I want to see serve punishment handed down.

Zindane left the game for less defending his honor, "not attacking an old man". Would any off you lift your hand to hit your grandparents better still would you let someone else?. I think not. This is a police matter and it should be dealt with harshly.

KingPin4149d ago

Gattuso should be banned for a year out of the champions league for his pathetic behavior. during the game, he was carrying on like a small child that was irritable. after the match he was like a total ass! seriously, head butting an old man almost twice his age. Soccer players are role models to younger boys and therefore should behave accordingly.