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Highlights: Aris 0-0 Manchester City (Europa League 15.02.11)

Aris 0-0 Manchester City: Highlights

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zico4158d ago

City is playing in Europe League this year, and will do the same next year. They will not end up top 4. Has a lot of great strikers but need a midfielder of clas.

ohahCantona4158d ago

0-0 away is not a good result! City were­ slow and looked like strangers.

crazyturkey4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

Bad week for Man. City. They need to recover quickly from the Manchester derby so that they don't put their 3rd place in danger this time around.

Also I like these videos that have all the highlights in a single clip.

zico4158d ago

Agree, but not always easy to find....

Their 3rd and 4th place are in danger. Both Spurs and Chelsea have one match to go. It`s gonna be a tight race all in. But I don`t think City will make it....

freeduck4158d ago

Liverpool will win the Europa league