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Highlights: AC Milan 0–1 Tottenham (UEFA Champions League Round of 16, 1st Leg - 15/02/2011)

0-1 Crouch 80'

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no_more_heroes4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

They actually beat them. I'm shocked. Milan were surprisingly lackluster. there was no creativity in midfield to feed Ibra and Robinho.

Yi-Long4157d ago

... is it possible that Gatusso and Flamini didn't get thrown off the pitch!?

no_more_heroes4157d ago

especially Gattuso. I knew he was aggressive, but I didn't think he was classless, because that's what his attitude today was.

zico4157d ago

surprising! Maybe this tells us about the level of EPL (compare to Serie A)?

Yi-Long4157d ago

... you just have 2 or 3 teams in the Serie A which have actual quality, and other than that it's piss-poor.

How many 'stars' of the Serie A have actually been great outside that league!? I can think of maybe 4 or 5 players.

It's a nonsense competition and it's not surprising that more and more italian fans are staying away from the stadiums. It's horrible to watch, you've got grown men acting like biatches all the time, and you've just got a league full of very weak teams and 2 or 3 decent/good) teams.

ohahCantona4157d ago

Milan did have the better second half, and should have won this match. But Spurs­ deserve credit for the way they played.

I do not think this is settled. Milan will come back stronger in London

Mozilla894157d ago

I don't know how good Tottenham really are but AC Milan is an opponent they were built to beat. Spurs thrive on playing fast which is exactly AC Milan's weakness, they're still very much in this though.

crazyturkey4157d ago

Tottenham deserved the victory that coming from an Arsenal fan. Flamini and Gattuso are were a disgrace.

Mozilla894157d ago

I was reading the BBC live text feed and they said Flamini actually went to the Spurs locker room after the game to apologize to Corluka, if he did I'm impressed by his class.

zootang4156d ago

By his class?!

After that tackle straight away he gestured to his fans as if he had scored a goal. Not surprised he was forced to apologise.

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