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The Top TEN Overhead Kicks of all time

Here are the Top TEN overhead kicks from the world of football in recent years. Where do you think Wayne Rooney’s goal will rank amongst these?

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ultramoot4156d ago

Both of Peter Crouch's overhead-kick goals for Liverpool were better than Rooney's. People need to stop over-hyping everything he does.

ohahCantona4156d ago


no player has received more criticism than Rooney this year. He deserve receive praise when he does great things like he did against City. Not only was it a great preformance but also he did it in an important match!

ultramoot4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

He deserved every single one of those criticisms. And unfortunately, that doesn't make him the best player in the world. He's just overrated. He's good, but not that good. He does one over-head kick and suddenly "OMG! He's better than Pele."

ohahCantona4156d ago

@ultramoot: Rooney is going to be important the last part of the season. It is now, in the last end of the season, ManU start playing real good. Rooney is important when we are wins the league once again, and I hope he will determine CL final with a goal out of the ordinary.
He is special and special people get a lot of criticism.

zootang4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

It's funny how people can say he is over rated. These same people don't appreciate the 4 league titles 1 champions league title a final and 2 carling cups we (Man Utd) have won with Rooney. Over rated lmao!

Peter Crouch didn't score his goal in a derby against a team worth 200m

Sahil4156d ago

Agree, both of them are way betterrr!

zico4156d ago

Crouch are a special player and some of his overhead-kicks for Liverpool is amazing. And it looks more great when a 2meter long man does it:-)

Anderson84156d ago

these goals are great.. but a few of them are scissor kicks not overhead(bicycle)

Frak4156d ago

Over hyping everything this hobbit does, just like halo and xbox 360 gears of war, over hyped trash

4156d ago
karim4155d ago

That Sinclair goal fave me chills!