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England's Xavi? Wilshere shows Capello he needs freedom to shine

Jack Wilshere left the Emirates on Wednesday night with the shirts of Xavi and Lionel Messi in his bag. Those are two mementoes that most teenage footballers would treasure for the rest of their lives but then there are precious few teenage footballers who are capable of thriving in the presence of those two maestros

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crazyturkey4152d ago

Lol, did anyone see the plays were he was surrounded by Busquets, Xavi and Messi(I Think) and he still kept the ball from them and pushed forward. Pure Class.
If Capello can't see the way he plays best he's blind.

kulka4152d ago

I think England need's new manager to lead them someone who;s not blind would be appreciated he is a player who can dominate midfield and he;s only 19 he will be the best player in the world by 25