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Highlights: Mainz 1-3 Bayern Munich (German Bundesliga 19/02/2011)

0-1 B. Schweinsteiger 9'
0-2 T. Müller 50'
0-3 M. Gomez 77'
1-3 S. Allagui 84'

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moha104146d ago

I did see the match. Robben was great!!! Easy away victory for Bayern.

zico4146d ago

Strong victory, stong team!! Good enough team to win CL?

The Hunter4146d ago

Robben's bicycle kick assist was great! :)

zico4146d ago

Agree! If he stays injury-free, Bayern will have a strong player in theese important matches at the end of the season!

ngecenk4145d ago

kinda love more on the header assist rather than the bycicle assist, but both is great. and muller gomez are simply perfect in finding the best position to be assisted

zico4146d ago

Bayerns strikers: Schweinsteiger, Robben and Gomes!
Midtfielder: Ribery, Muller, Pranjic, Lahm!
What a team!

The Hunter4146d ago (Edited 4146d ago )

Actually Schweinsteiger is midfielder and Ribery is Attacker.. Lahm is a (upcoming) defender btw.. But I understand your point. Great team and hope they take revanche in te final this year if they reach the CL final!

Or else they take it next year, because the CL final will placed in Munchen next year :)

zeddy4146d ago

on paper bayern are right up there with barca and madrid for the best attacking line up, dont know abouth their defence though.

ngecenk4145d ago

their defense probably the weakest link on the team. i really have no idea why they let mvbommel go, yes he's a lazy ass and temperament player but his role is simply cannot be filled with current squad

kulka4146d ago

Still lack good centre back however they could beat Inter but won't progress much further plus Borussia should win the league