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Atletico Madrid Ready For Shock Summer Swoop For Manchester City's 'Homesick' David Silva

Atletico Madrid have reportedly set their sights on a summer bid for Manchester City midfielder David Silva, who is "homesick" according to the Daily Mail.

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no_more_heroes4146d ago

not saying that the rumor is true, but what is it with Spanish players getting homesick when they come to the Premier League? What is it with them getting homesick, period (Jesus Navas)?

kulka4146d ago

Well the weather would be a key factor also the rivalry between La Liga and Premier League may be a factor they leave Spain for 30 milion get bullied out of the pitch by players like Shawcross and return home for 10 milion

Sahil4146d ago

He is the best signing of the year, what a player he has turned to be for City.

kulka4145d ago

I say Van Der Vaart and Meireles are best newcomers but Silva is also outstanding

ultramoot4145d ago

Some foreign players are so pathetic. Homesick already? A club buys you for bucket-loads of money, offers you a ridiculously huge salary, you agree on a 4-year deal, and within 7 months you're homesick? Where has professionalism gone in football? If you don't like to play outside your country, don't f**king sign a contract with a foreign club.