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Highlights: FC Barcelona 2-1 Athletic Bilbao (Spanish Primera Division - 20/02/11)

1-0 Villa 4'
1-1 Iraola(pen) 50'
2-1 Messi 78'

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no_more_heroes4146d ago

*phew* I was starting to get a little concerned. There was a noticeable dip during the period when Bilbao equalized. Can't give Real any hope whatsoever.

kulka4146d ago (Edited 4146d ago )

Well hard earned victiry for Barca against a weak opposition can't wait for Arsenal game

ultramoot4146d ago

Barca's form slightly dipping these days? Hmmmm......

kulka4146d ago

Well we all know that Barca plays with a lot of passion for thew whole game from 1 to last minute maybe fatigue is catching them?
after all they are only humans

rafay4145d ago

One bad game for Barca in the next two weeks and if Arsenal get the Carling Cup there will be too big a difference in the confidence levels. Arsenal should really look to capitalize on it.