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Deschamps was tempted by Anfield

Dider Deschamps has revealed a promise to Marseille's president stopped him from becoming Liverpool manager when he was offered the job in the summer.

The Marseille boss rejected Liverpool before the Reds appointed Roy Hodgson, who would only last six months before being replaced by Kenny Dalglish, the man who had advised the club during its summer hunt for a successor to Rafael Benitez.

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zico4299d ago

I want King Kenny to stay as manager as long as he want!

Maradona4299d ago

Yes agree..
He must stay. And Didier is not longer an option.
Everybody wants kenny. Let us be finished with this season on an ok way. And let kenny start next season, then the team will be up there among top 3 all season.

zico4299d ago

"Finish this season" with 4th place!! Thats possible. Chelsea is out of form, and we can take Spurs/City as well! Then it`s easier for "the king" to get new players with quality.

Maradona4299d ago

Yes but if so, we have to beat teams like Wigan...

kulka4299d ago

Agree but we were on a decent run before Wigan game we need to win most of our games and will finish fourt team's above us aren't unbeatable