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Sir Alex to drop flops

Sir Alex Ferguson is set to wield the axe on Manchester United flops Bebe and Gabriel Obertan.

Fergie was left fuming with the duo in the wake of United’s woeful FA Cup win over non-league Crawley at Old Trafford.

United avoided the biggest shock in their history to scrape throughfirst half header. But the result left Fergie seething and he tore into his stars after the final whistle.

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Messishow4153d ago

Bebe, a flop that Ferguson gave 7 mill pounds for...

zootang4152d ago (Edited 4152d ago )

3m get your figures right. People hate on United because they are one of the best football teams ever! It's lonely at the top. Manchester United consistently win trophies, fact!

zootang4152d ago

Bebe played 4 scored 2 not bad for a flop.

KingPin4152d ago


those stats prove nothing. he's a flop in every other aspect of the game. his passing, his off-the-ball positioning and his pace is not man utd quality. so yes, he is a flop!

JJMeH4152d ago

If i recall correctly bebe replaced hargreaves when he was injured in the first few minutes of his return, he was later thankfully substituted towards the end of the game. That was the first game i saw him play and he was absolutly terrible, im pretty sure all of his crosses were either miles to long or straight out for a goal kick.

As for all the other matches he has played in, no better imo.

zootang4152d ago (Edited 4152d ago )

funny thing is SAF is the best manager for the last 20 years and a bunch of nobodys are questioning him.

He will see him day in day out on the training ground to know what sort of a player he is. I suppose I should listen to you lot. You probably won more titles ey?

And by the way Bebe has the most powerful shot at United and that's including Scholesy. He is a striker after all.

zootang4152d ago

They're in the squad for tomorrow. Just to point out Nani and Ronaldos first 2 years were just as bad.

heroicjanitor4152d ago

I'm a United fan but Obertan is an absolute disaster... His passing, positioning shooting etc are all terrible. He goes hiding too.

kulka4152d ago (Edited 4152d ago )

First of all who are you to call other member's of this website nobodies
secondaly did you actually see how United is playing for the last few seasons how many game's did they win in last few minutes they have the right to be called a lucky team
but you're right that SAF is a great manager he is widely respected.But even he can be wrong Obertan Bebe are extreme flops

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ad4mb4152d ago

hows it any luckier to score in the last few minutes then any other time in a match? you people are so fucking stupid its unreal. please explain the difference? still gotta make sure you score more then them through out the 90 mins, but oh no.... ITS LAST MINUTE, MUST BE LUCKY.

rafay4152d ago

Bebe has no place in Man United. Maybe in a team like Stoke or Everton.

guigsy4152d ago

Fergie has too much pride to get rid of a player after one season, so Bebe will probably get another chance. Wobertan on the other hand has shown over 2 seasons that he's just not upto it at all.

zeddy4152d ago

obertan would be a decent signing to any of the bottom half of the table teams, bebe on the other hand is from a lower division team in portugal hes only 20 odd and its his first season so fergie will atleast give him another season.

Senden4152d ago

Are people forgetting that Bebe was originally a striker? Look at the guy.. he's not a winger. He's just too damn big to be one.