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Marseille 0-0 Manchester United: Goalless Draw At Velodrome Leaves Tie In The Balance

Manchester United failed to score a precious away goal at the Stade Velodrome as the visitors drew 0-0 with Marseille. Neither side offered much of an attacking threat, with half chances for Andre Ayew for the hosts and Dimitar Berbatov for United being the only highlights in a match flattered to deceive in terms of goalmouth action.

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zico4143d ago

Boring match. No highlights at all!

zootang4142d ago (Edited 4142d ago )

Best team in europe for the last 10 years

zico4142d ago

Barca is the best team the last 10 years. You can`ll me it wasn`t boring yesterday? And as I already said: I think it is important to score a away goal in CL. So maybe 0-0 isn`t a good result?

zootang4142d ago

Sorry what?

What's this boys best team in Europe!?

All-time Champions League table (top 12 teams):

Team P W D L F A Pts
Man Utd 170 91 45 34 292 154 318
Barcelona 153 84 41 40 291 15 2 293
Real Madrid 158 86 33 31 294 182 29 1
Bayern Munich 148 73 40 35 242 157 25 9
AC Milan 138 66 39 33 195 122 237
Arsenal 128 59 34 35 197 131 211
Juventus 120 57 32 31 189 125 203
Porto 126 51 32 43 153 144 18 5
Chelsea 98 50 29 19 153 82 17 9
Lyon 97 47 23 27 167 112 164
Inter Milan 94 45 25 24 132 98 160
Liverpool 82 39 24 19 124 73 141

kulka4142d ago

That doesn't say anything since you only won it 3 times statistics lie if Barca met United now they would destroy them so don't understand your point

zootang4142d ago

LMAO! Statistics lie. We are the only team in Europe capable of beating Barca over two legs. You just have to look at some of the classics we have had in the past to know there will be more in the future maybe even this year.

In Sir Alex I trust!

zico4142d ago (Edited 4142d ago )

Milan and Real have won 3 times each since CL started (92/93), ManU and Barca two times each. If we don`t counts "All-time CL table" but victories, the best teams is Milan and Real.

BTW Marseille won the FIRST CL ever. Maybe they will do it again this year;-)

.....this is my last bobble. Can somebody bobbles me up?:-)

kulka4142d ago

At the moment you will find it extremely hard to get past Marseille the only team capable of beating them is Arsenal

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ohahCantona4143d ago

Untied did their job. Came to Marseille to get a good result. and 0-0 are great. Quaterfinal here we come....

zico4143d ago

if marseille scores at Old Trafford, 0-0 is not a good result. United are not in the quarterf. jet!

zootang4143d ago

@Zico & Mozilla89

Haven't you boys learnt yet not to underestimate Manchester United.

crazyturkey4143d ago

This is a good result that may also be dangerous since Manchester United didn't get an away goal.

zico4142d ago

Agree, I hope OM scores early/first at Old Trafford. Then we will se an exciting match.

Mozilla894143d ago

A win or a scoring draw sends OM through. I wouldn't say hello to the quarter finals just yet Man U...even though they'll probably pull through at OT.

karim4142d ago

Boring boring game,Marseille deserved more.
Gibson and Carrick (unsuprisingly) had a shocker.
Nani was good but he showboats too much when instead he could have crossed to the unmarked Berbatov.
Vidic/Smalling are good.
O'shea OK.
But why didn't Valbuena start the game ? He's a (small) beast

kulka4142d ago

Poor game no creativity at all very lacklusture watching this game was a waste of time maybe at Old Trafford when United must push forward it will be a better game to watch (hope)