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Jose Mourinho hi-fives the mascots before Lyon - Real Madrid

You’ve gotta love Jose Mourinho. The Special One hi-fived all the kids in the tunnel before arguably his biggest game of the season so far. What a geezer.

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zootang4146d ago

What a man! Incredible role model for young people out there.

no_more_heroes4146d ago

say what you will about him as a manager, but I actually think he'd make an awesome dad. Does he have kids?

zootang4146d ago

Saying that we never hear much about his private life. Has he even got a wife?

Yi-Long4146d ago

... great guy, and a great great coach. Love him.

KingPin4146d ago

i hope AC Milan's Gattuso is watching this. this is how you prove to be a good role model to kids. not roll around, hitting the grass, kicking your legs out and head butting coaching staff of the winning team!