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Barcelona Accuse Arsenal Of Being “Immoral” After Toral Transfer

The Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell, has called Arsenal’s signing of a 16-year-old midfielder from their youth school “immoral”. Jon Miquel Toral Harper, who turned 16 on 5 February, has been hailed in Spain as the new Cesc Fábregas, who in 2003 also left Barcelona’s academy for London at the same age.

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zootang4146d ago

So the shameless taping up by players and Barca staff of Cesc Fabregas is fine. They got what they deserve. Funny how thing come back to bite you in the ass

kulka4146d ago

To be honest I don't think they need Fabregas that much

zootang4146d ago

Yeah I agree I think Wilshere has that role covered now. Talk about timing, lol.

rafay4146d ago

Fabregas is not going anywhere.