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Uefa to investigate Marseille and Manchester United over fan behaviour

Uefa has opened disciplinary cases against Marseille and Manchester United because of their fans' behaviour at their Champions League match on Wednesday.

Uefa says it is investigating reports that Marseille fans shone a laser pen at Nani to distract the United winger at the Stade Vélodrome in the first leg of the round of 16 match.

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kulka4592d ago

Haha maybe the laser was the main reason for the game being so poor

zootang4592d ago

Decent result against the French Champions at their home stadium. What more do you want?

kulka4592d ago

A game that you enjoy to watch Marseille scores once and you're out

zootang4592d ago

And you actually believe that is going to happen?

No one in Europe has scored a goal against us home or away this season and we are unbeaten at home in all competitions. Do you just not have a clue about football?

kulka4592d ago

Valencia did score you had very weak group as well

zootang4592d ago

Yeah, I forgot that just the one though. You keep underestimating Man Utd, our club thrives off it.

FootballZilla4591d ago

@Zootang Lol you put man utd way up top dont underestimate other teams ok ;)