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Champions League Special: Which English Club Will Go Furthest?

An English venue for the Champions League final inevitably triggers hope a local side will reach the showpiece occasion. When Wembley last hosted the final in 1992 English clubs had just returned after a ban from participating in European football. That was duked out between the champions of Italy and Spain in the era when only league winners were eligible to play.

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ohahCantona4141d ago

ManU, because we will go all the way to the final!

zootang4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

We are the only team capable. We have that winning attitude to handle the big games.

Our defence is immense and our attack is more than capable. We just need Park, Valencia and Giggs back in the midfield.

rafay4141d ago

A London team please!

MaximusPrime4141d ago

between Arsenal and Chelsea.

ohahCantona4141d ago

Arsenal is going out against barca, chelsea could make it, but I think they are to unstable and will not make it.

zootang4141d ago

Arsenal haven't got a chance against Barca at home. Chelsea will struggle with their ageing squad. we'll see in a couple of month time.

Mozilla894140d ago

Chelsea's avg age is relatively high at 28.3 but Man U isn't far behind at 27.5. I don't think that is really a valid reason.

It'll highly depend on the draw, if Man U get a team like Barcelona or Madrid next round (if they make it) I don't see them going any farther. They way things are going right now I'd say the same for Chelsea and Tottenham. Arsenal I think can actually beat Barcelona.

kulka4140d ago

I actually think this final will not involve English team Barca Real and Bayern look stronger