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Highlights: Wigan 0-4 Manchester United (English Premier League - 26/02/11)

0-1 Javier Hernández 17'
0-2 Javier Hernández 74'
0-3 Wayne Rooney 84'
0-4 Fabio 87'

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crazyturkey4139d ago

Great victory. Now let's see how Chelsea do against Manchester United to see if they can have an impact in the title race and get a top 4 spot.

no_more_heroes4139d ago

Man Utd were the better team, but not 4-0 better. That scoreline is unfair to Wigan.

zootang4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

Says the Arsenal fan with the luckiest result in the world against Barca.
Come on lets see if you can beat us, you haven't in 4 years.
Arsenal are the, "only if" "you just wait" team.

Meanwhile United are unstoppable.

no_more_heroes4139d ago

The last thing any Man Utd fan should accuse any other team of is being lucky.

FReeDoM4ALL4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

If you think the Arsenal was lucky then you should actually go and watch the match.

The 4-0 scoreline here is definitely misleading. Though UTD were definitely the better team.

BTW, I think calling Man UTD 'unstoppable' beacuase they beat Wigan is unwise. Especially after that poor performance against Olympique De Marsielle.

zootang4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

Wigan had 5 shots (3 were off target) in the whole game and Nani hit the bar. Defence played really well as usual and the attck did their job with 4 goals. I watched the match what was you watching? We drew against the French champions away from home, not a bad result to me.

Unstoppable! You boys won't learn. Luck comes with hard work!

In Sir Alex I Trust.

no_more_heroes4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

may I direct you to the Alt Source:

read the match stats.

zootang4138d ago

Yeah I'll admit I slipped up there but Manchester United won't in the title race, see you in May.

Nightfallen4138d ago

Oh zootang, I just cant wait until Arsenal plays Man U. I'm guessing Wolves (currently 17th in the league, was 20 when you versed them), beat you 2-1, nobody is unstoppable. And Arsenal proved Barcelona that nobody IS unstoppable.

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ad4mb4139d ago

great result and for a team thats "not playing well" we sure are scoring more then everyone else in the league, and conceding less then most.

karim4138d ago

Missed the game..Still like Hernandez