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Please don't book me.The moment footballer earning £185,000 a WEEK begged traffic warden.

No matter how much you plead or beg, the traffic warden refuses to give any quarter and you are forced to part with your hard-earned cash to pay the fine.
Samuel Eto'o experienced just that frustration, but rather than laughing off a minor fine the £10m-a-year football megastar appeared to put up quite an argument.

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FReeDoM4ALL4136d ago

This guy earns in one week what many other get in YEARS.

Why is he begging? Is he that stingy lol?

Andy_Elvis4136d ago

*source: Daily Mail*

No thank-you.

ohahCantona4135d ago

Agree, Daily Mail is rubbish "news".

kulka4135d ago

Maybe she wanted to take his licence lol

zeddy4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

he'll say its a matter of principle, i say its a matter of being stingy. he could have had his car towed and scrapped and gone out the same day and replaced it.

nieuwland144135d ago

she probaly wanted his signature