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Highlights: Arsenal 1-2 Birmingham City (Carling Cup Final, 27.2.11)

0-1 Zigiz 28'
1-1 R.v.Persie 39'
1-2 Martins 89'

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no_more_heroes4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

well, there goes Arsenal's season. No Fabregas, no Walcott, and in the end, no Van Persie. I kinda knew it was coming.

Congratulations, Birmingham, you deserved it.

zootang4141d ago

Well deserved, well played Birmingham. Arsenal just can't seem to win trophies.

Anderson84141d ago

wenger is paying for his reluctance to buy class defenders... koscielny, djourou, clichy.. they're all ok but i dont ever see arsenal winning a trophy with all of them in the back 4

rafay4141d ago

huh... what a match. Thank god I chose cricket during the first half. lol..

crazyturkey4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

I'm disappointed not because Arsenal lost, Birmingham played well with all they had (no defensive BS). What disappoints me is the way in which Arsenal lost. What a stupid mistake.

Anyways congratulations Birmingham you did a great job and you earned the Carling Cup.

EVO-OM3GA4141d ago

+ From a neutral point of view a very good match
+ From an Arsenal fans point of view I dont think they thaught they were gonna lose this match.
+ From a Birmz point of view A GREAT WIN and much deserved they played well against the ties favorites

+ From a Chelsea fans point of view! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!

But it was a Good match!

Nightfallen4141d ago

Do Arsenal fans a favor and please kick Man U's ass on Tuesday =P

You will sure bright up the mood on us =)

zootang4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

No chance! Chelsea are struggling to break 3 star defences, never mind Manchester United's 5 star defence. The little pea will be the perfect ingredient to a cracking United win.

Rockstar_Panda4141d ago

And this is how Arsenal did not won another trophy.

ohahCantona4141d ago

Today was the only change they had this year to win a title...

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The story is too old to be commented.