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Ferguson: referee cost us the match

Sir Alex Ferguson launched a furious attack on referee Martin Atkinson for his failure to send off David Luiz and his award of what he called a “very soft” penalty.

The Manchester United manager claimed that it was the third consecutive time that refereeing decisions had cost his team against Chelsea and, in remarks that will be closely scrutinised by the Football Association, he criticised Atkinson’s selection for the game.

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zico4134d ago

of cource he says... "very soft penalty", what about all the ref decisions you have got this season. You are not talking about that.

And BTW; It WAS penalty!

ad4mb4134d ago

Sinse when do two wrongs make a right? Those other desisions have fuck all to do with this game and it's now 3 years in a row that a ref has fucked up in the united vs Chelsea games, with all going chelsea's way. But your scouse fucked up mind is too blind to see that.

You may as well say that refs should look at previous games and award desisions based on that you tool.

zootang4134d ago

Let this result sink in and just think Chelsea won't have Martin Atkinson in every game.

Sahil4134d ago

Yeah.. but you guys will always have clattenburg and webb(they are such fanboys)

zootang4134d ago

Does that make it right? God, you delusional scousers. Have you started supporting United because it's that bad at Liverpool? I see you in a lot of United articles.

zootang4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

Have a bit more respect. He is not just some mug. He is one of the greatest ever football managers and I guess he knows a lot more than you? If he moans it is for a reason.

Sahil4133d ago

Hey.. are you crazy or what??
This is you posting 3 huge comments in liverpool article.. you're telling why I have an opinion on others

You're telling me am a united fan, fuck no, it's better to support shieffield or southampton than those scumbags, atleast they play fair and dn't cry afterwards. If you can't take someone comments don't comment on others.

Seriously, STOP CRYING.. You'll never make it to 19!

zootang4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

Your club are murderers mate and you call United scumbags.
19 this year!

In Sir Alex I Trust