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210° Five Things We Learned From Chelsea's Thrilling Victory Over Manchester United

It was an epic duel that lived up to the hype and could have a direct bearing on the destination of the Premier League title.

Chelsea dug deep and benefited from some generous refereeing to complete a memorable comeback, while Manchester United crumbled late on after appearing at half-time to be ready to try the crown for size.

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karim4132d ago

The things I've learned :
~David Luiz is PHENOMENAL
~Ramires and Torres wwere amazing
~Drogba a genius
~Cech still world-class
~United are NOT unvincibles.

zico4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

"~United are NOT unvincibles" - and on sunday The Reds are gonna beat them;-)

..and yes, Luiz was great against United....