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Torres: I need time to settle at Chelsea

Fernando Torres is confident of ending his goal drought for Chelsea and insists it was always going to take him time to settle in at his new club.

Torres was afforded few chances in his latest game for Chelsea, although the defending champions beat Premier League leaders Manchester United, and the striker has now gone 315 minutes without a goal for the Blues since his £50 million move from Liverpool.

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MaximusPrime4138d ago

I agree with Torres. He needs time to settle.

David Luiz on the otherhand settled very well. What a player!

zico4137d ago

two great moves for Chelsea (Luiz + Torres). But I must say; I hate seeing Torres playing in blue shirt.

karim4137d ago

Torres was amazing against United.
David Luiz is a phenomenon

zico4137d ago

hehe, congratulation Karim, but still it`s to far up.... We gonna do everything to help you a bit when meeting United on sunday.

Mozilla894137d ago

I think his price tag brought a whole bunch of pressure on him, which in turn took all the pressure off Luiz so he could jut focus on playing.

It also didn't help that he had to play his first game against his old club. I think he's improving and felt his goal early in the game should have counted. You see that kind of shirt tugging all the time.

sokrates4137d ago

Of course he needs time. evrybody needs time. But I guess Torres will fail in Chelsea. Just another star set up ti fail in Chelsea.