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From Full Back to Fan: Gary Neville Gets Angry In the Stands (Video)

This video is awesome on about 127 different levels. Firstly it’s a video with Gary Neville in it, therefore it has to be entertaining. Secondly, it shows a now retired Manchester United legend watching a game in the stands, which is also awesome. Thirdly it displays just how much the former England full back loves the Old Trafford club and fourthly shows that now Neville is no longer a team-mate of Wayne Rooney he can say exactly what he thinks of his miss, just like his fellow supporters.

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Sahil4143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )

Gary please come to anfield this sunday, we'll make u more angrier .. mm sure!

zootang4142d ago

Liverpool players need to look at Garys passion. In recent times Liverpool players have had none.

hendrikmaster4142d ago

what was rooney trying to do there?

Sahil4142d ago

Show his passion too, i guess!