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Ex-referee Jeff Winter criticises Ferguson's 'double standards'

Former referee Jeff Winter believes Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson should receive a four-match ban for his comments concerning Martin Atkinson.

The Red Devils boss only recently defended Wayne Rooney's elbow on Wigan Athletic midfielder James McCarthy, claiming that referee Mark Clattenburg was the only man to come out of the incident with any credit, but then took aim at Atkinson for not sending off Chelsea defender David Luiz when United took on Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

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zootang4132d ago

Manchester United made the premier League what it is. We'll see where it is with no Manchester United. Euro Super League on the way.

Sahil4132d ago

Life would be so much simpler for referees if ManU wasn't there :)

ad4mb4131d ago

Yeh i know because hes the only one to ever say anything bad about refs, oh wait....

you want more?

zootang4131d ago

He's just bitter his team can't challenge for titles.

Sahil4131d ago

Dude.. you searched for all these videos just to prove me wrong.. lol


ad4mb4130d ago

lol sahil took 1 min just typed it in youtube, and by the looks of it you spend a hell of alot more time on this site then I do so maybe you should look at yourself hey?

kulka4130d ago

Ferguson can sometimes be a pain in the ass for the officials