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FA charges Fergie over ref blast

The FA has charged Sir Alex Ferguson with improper conduct following comments the Manchester United boss made about referee Martin Atkinson.

Ferguson has until 4pm on Tuesday, March 8 to respond to the charge, which relates to his criticism of Atkinson immediately after United's Premier League defeat at Chelsea on Tuesday night.

The Red Devils boss was fuming at the west Yorkshire official over his failure to dismiss Chelsea goalscorer David Luiz for clear fouls on Javier Hernandez and Wayne Rooney after the Brazilian had already been booked at Stamford Bridge.

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sokrates4135d ago

This is just ridicoulus! any raised up could see that this was a big blow from the ref... or even worse; done on purpose. At least Fergie should have the right to speak out after such a blame without getting punished. This is just crap!

Sahil4135d ago

Dude.. what is their to speak.. he said the ref was not fair(which means atkinson was on chelsea's side) in front of the media.. that deserves punishment, this much critisim is unacceptable..

am being neutral when gerrard got a red in the fa cup against manU, dalglish or any lfc staff said nothing about webb but If it had been fergie, he would have judged it fo sho!

He thinks he is GOD!

zootang4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )


Stop being so bitter. He is not the only manager to complain about referees. He has done a lot for football and he comes from a position of stature, he is not just some mug like you.

crazyturkey4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

Who cares, I'm sure Manchester United can deal without him in the bench for a game or two. He could just use his phone or something to give orders from wherever he is during the game. Also if he cared about being banned by the FA he wouldn't have done that in the first place. What should worry Manchester United is who the hell is going to play in the defense at Liverpool.

zootang4135d ago

We've got Wesley Brown!

no_more_heroes4135d ago

"The Red Devils boss was fuming at the west Yorkshire official"

If I were superstitious, I'd say this is Yorkshire sticking it to Lancashire again. But, much like to what I'm referring to, I might be reading too much into it.