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Nasri: Arsenal so macho now

Samir Nasri has declared Arsenal are capable of overcoming Barcelona because they have developed into a more "macho" team.

The Gunners head to the Nou Camp on Tuesday for the second leg of their Champions League round of 16 clash convinced they can stage another stunning upset.

A 2-1 victory at the Emirates Stadium has offered sight of the quarter-finals, the stage at which Barcelona dumped them out of the competition last year.

Nasri revealed the Spanish champions were viewed with awe when they met in 2010, but stated reverence has since been replaced with belief.

"Barcelona seemed much better last year because we've become more macho, both physically and psychologically," he said at the adidas launch of the official match ball for the UEFA Champions League final Wembley 2011.

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sokrates4136d ago

Last thing Arsenals ever gonna be is "macho"! There are only a bounch perfume and wax - players. They will be second again. Keep dreaming for trophies... And to become real men!

Maradona4136d ago

Dream on Sokrates. On Sunday, Liverpool will take united. And then its time for Arsenal in the lead. A lead that will last the whole way in.

sokrates4136d ago

:) you wish! Wanna bet? Just give me a number - then you credit my paypal account after the game.

zootang4136d ago

Macho Macho man! I want to be a Macho MAN!

These boys are fairies.

Maradona4136d ago

I dont take money from kids...

Maradona4136d ago

I dont take money from kids...:)

Mozilla894136d ago

Now now people, don't fight. Obviously Chelsea is the more macho team and will win the PL.

I'm joking, I'm joking!

KingPin4135d ago

So macho are arsenal that they lost a cup final to Birmingham and never shed a tear. thats major manliness right there......or is it?