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I'm The Best Player In The World - Milan's Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has voiced his opinion that he is the best player in the world. Milan attacker Zlatan Ibrahimovic is brimming with confidence ahead of this weekend's Serie A clash against Juventus, and the Swedish international has voiced his opinion that he is the best player in the world. The striker was quoted as saying by La Gazzetta dello Sport."I'm the best player in the world. I really feel that way. You're finished if you don't belief in yourself. The fact that I've never won the FIFA Player of the Year award or the Ballon d'Or doesn't mean that I can't be the best player."

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zeddy4131d ago

best bullshitter in the world more like, theres plenty better than him.

Yi-Long4130d ago

... he might be one of the dumbest footballers in the world though.

Seriously, if he wants to think he's the best player in the world, he should come to the PL and proof it, instead of playing in an old man's league like the Serie A for a team that hardly has any competition.

What. A. Douche.

kulka4131d ago

Messi and Ronaldo Xavi Iniesta are all better he play's for a sh*t league for an average team he was knocked out of the first team by Bojan Barca youngster he blamed Guardiola but in truth he was not good enough

zootang4130d ago

I seriously don't rate Messi yet. He has yet to score in England, he can't cut it with the big boys. Whereas Ronaldo has proven he can.

kulka4130d ago

Messi scored against United in the CL final he scored against Real Madrid so yes he is the best player in the world he can also create goal's