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United blank the media after Anfield loss

Manchester United failed to provide any post-match interviews after the 3-1 defeat at Liverpool on Sunday, with Sir Alex Ferguson and assistant Mike Phelan refusing to speak to the media.

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cozmo1953720d ago

whining bitch
guess he couldn't blame the defeat on anyone?

zootang3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Knows more about football than anyone in the English game. He has his ups and downs but mainly ups. You know no respect. Does Wenger not moan? Does Mourinho not moan? Sorry, do you know anything about football?


He must be doing something right, but I suppose we should listen to you, lol.

cozmo1953720d ago

when man united loses it's always someone else's fault and never his own team according to him

Mozilla893720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

zootang, it's not that he isn't a good coach but why should Man U not give post match interviews when they get beaten?

You think other teams don't feel the same way when they lose? You don't hear Wenger not speaking to the media after their crushing loss to Birmingham. Fergie is acting childish.

zootang3720d ago


They reported on Friday that they wasn't going to be doing any interviews.

Maradona3719d ago

he knows a lot about football.And should also know that he must he must do interviews when things are going against his team.

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INehalemEXI3719d ago

Get u some Tiger blood...*wink* JK

cozmo1953719d ago

you're same guy who replied to me on a tropico article on N4G :P

kulka3720d ago

Liverpool at top form are the best team in the league and can beat anyone United were the victims of our domination why the hell didn't Daglish manage the team since the start of the season

Sahil3720d ago

kulka, everything happens for a reason, maybe there's something special and good in it(kenny coming mid-season) :)

kulka3720d ago

Kenny came made two great transfers got the club back on it's feet he seriously is another Shankly I see us winning the league next year all we need is 2 players

KonohagakureFC3720d ago

First Redknapp and now Fergie, next is probably Wenger and then soon the whole league wont be giving post match interviews anymore... fun

no_more_heroes3720d ago

First it was just BBC, but now it's everyone who he's not talking to.

I thought I heard not too long ago that the FA would try to make pre and post-match interviews compulsory. What became of that?

KonohagakureFC3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

I dunnoo but I just hope this doesnt lead to a trend or something and all the managers stop giving interviews

ad4mb3719d ago

can't force someone to have an interview then whine that he doesnt say what you want to hear, this goes for all managers...