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280° Champions League preview: Barcelona v Arsenal

Arsenal face their sternest test of the season when they travel to Barcelona's Camp Nou in the Champions League on Tuesday.

Arsene Wenger's side exited the competition at the hands of Barcelona in the quarter-finals last season, losing 6-3 on aggregate after a 4-1 defeat in the second leg in Catalonia.

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Maradona4128d ago

I think Barca will win 1-0 and go trough.

Messishow4128d ago

A tough match. Arsenal is not to confident in their attacking these days. But good to defend. Anything can happen. And those who think it gonna be easy for Barca is very wrong.

megacardo4128d ago

No way. This will be easy for barca. The spanish quality is much better than the english.

FReeDoM4ALL4128d ago

Are you saying that La Liga is better than the EPL?

Because La Liga is a two horse race throughout the whole season, whilst the EPL is wide open.

Let's not forget that there are currently FOUR EPL teams in champions league.

I highly doubt that Barca or Real can handle the high intensity of the EPL. Sure, Barca will win individual matches no prob, but repeat that every week aginst rough and determined opposition? Nope.

ad4mb4127d ago

the prem is alot closer now because all of the top teams have got worse, not because everyone has got better.

FReeDoM4ALL4127d ago

How can you say that when there are four EPL teams in the Champions league all in the last 16? If they had crashed out in the first stages you would be correct, but they have not and they look strong. The prem league is a much harder environment than La Liga.

ad4mb4126d ago

as a whole the leagues alot better then La Liga yes, but the top teams are no where near barca or real atm.

FReeDoM4ALL4128d ago

As much as I want Arsenal to go through, it may be better for Arsenal's run in the EPL if they lose the CL.

Barca should have this game in the bag. But if Arsenal score twice (possibility since Barca's best centre backs are missing) then they can lose 3-2 and still go through on away goals.

zico4128d ago

Barca will win. 3-0, two goals by Villa, and one Messi

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