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Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher barred from Manchester United dressing room following Nani tackle

Nani will discover on Tuesday whether he will be sidelined until next month as a result of the injury inflicted by Carragher’s first-half tackle during the 3-1 defeat at Anfield - which resulted in referee Phil Dowd brandishing a yellow card to the Liverpool defender.

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zootang4648d ago

It's all about United!

ultramoot4648d ago (Edited 4648d ago )

People are making it seem worse than it was. Carra's challenge was high-boot, but only one-footed, and Nani was just unfortunate to catch that. I've seen the exact same challenge made by one of Napoli's defenders(Aronica) on David NGog in the Europa League which had him limping and being substituted shortly afterwards. Funny thing is, the referee didn't even call a foul, much less produce a yellow card.

In comparison, according to the FIFA rule, Rafael's challenge on Lucas was more dangerous, because it was a two-footed challenge with both feet off the ground.

I just love the fact that the English media is so biased towards ManU. And most people just lap it up as if it's true. And I just love the way the media is trying to imply that ManU lost on Sunday simply because they were "unlucky". 'Unlucky' my ass. ManU were completely outplayed by Liverpool.

If the roles were reversed and a LFC player was injured instead of Nani with the goals scored by someone like Rooney, then all we'll be seeing on the headlines is "Rooney - better than Pele", with little to no mention of the injury-incident.

ad4mb4648d ago

How the fuck is the media biased towards united lmfao... and united were not outplayed like you blind tools like to think. United had MORE of the ball, hit the post, had 2 cleared off line (ok one was easy but still had to be done). livs last two goals were gifts and really their only other chances were from outside the box.

ultramoot4648d ago

I'm sorry. I don't know who you are. Since you're on my "Ignore" list, I can't read your post. You're probably a butt-hurt Manure fan, so I'm guessing your reply mostly consists of "WAAAAH!" like your idol - Nani.

"....It has been a blowout in the first half. Sir Whiskey Nose had been praying to the Bubblegum gods for an answer to the 2 Liverpool goals in the first half. His efforts were duly rewarded with a crying Nani, who looked as if someone stole his barbie doll......"

zootang4648d ago


Just leave the bitter fellow to follow United. They just love talking about us.

Sahil4648d ago

ManU, They just sucked on sunday and will remain like this the rest of the season, just wait and see CHELSEA taking them over in the standings.. LOL

Felinelover4648d ago

Sorry to said this to you Guys..Whoever is the Man U fan....After Nani mess up the 1st of the goal,he was injured and he cry like a small baby..showing tantrums. And the best part he was straight send to the hospital cos inn order not to get fuck frm Sir Alex Ferguson. Anyway Man U sucks.. Peace Out suckers :)

zootang4648d ago

oh really? Guess you havn't seen the pictures.

ultramoot4648d ago

This is the real picture.

Yes, it's bleeding. But it's definitely NOT a "huge gash" as the ever biased media claimed, but a slight puncture on the flesh. And yes, Nani was acting like a little bitch for no reason at all.

Next time, don't make premature conclusions based on one angle alone. You got what you deserved on Sunday. Your best option is to live with it and move on.

cozmo1954648d ago


u mad? (see attached image)

karim4648d ago

People seem to forget Rafael's horrible TWO-footed tackle on Lucas (The same type of tackle that got Gerrard sent off against United).
People saying it was OK that Nani cried,but last year Ramsey didn't!

kulka4648d ago

That's because Nani is a pussy just like half of the United team

zootang4648d ago

They all like to talk about United! Thanks for the support lads, I enjoy listening.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

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