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Javier Mascherano: 'We're never satisfied, we don't settle for 1-0 wins'

Javier Mascherano has one abiding memory of his matches against the team he will face in the Champions League last-16 second leg at the Nou Camp tonight. "I played Arsenal many times when I was in England," he says. "They always made me do a lot of running."

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nieuwland144128d ago

barca dont win 1-0 very often, its usually more then 2 goals

ultramoot4128d ago

"Last year, Liverpool would not let me leave. There was no way they would sell me. They had Xabi Alonso and me, and they would only let Xabi leave."

Can you believe this moron? He can't even keep his stories straight. Last month it was "Liverpool did not try hard enough to keep me". This month it's "Liverpool tried to keep me".

I believe next month, he'll say "I was abducted by aliens who wiped my memory clean, so I couldn't remember why I left in the first place".