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Nani let down by Manchester United's silence over Jamie Carragher

Nani feels let down by Manchester United over their failure to complain publicly about the tackle by Liverpool's Jamie Carragher that forced him off the field at Anfield with a badly gashed leg. Nani was withdrawn at half-time of Sunday's defeat and, although United were privately furious at Carragher's challenge, which they felt merited a red rather than a yellow card, they have not commented on the incident because of a media black-out imposed by Sir Alex Ferguson.

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hendrikmaster4131d ago

it was a horrid tackle but nani shouldnt be so selfish

zootang4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

No quote, no nothing. I didn't know the Guardian can read peoples minds? People like to talk about Man Utd just look at the other teams supporters in here.
Picture of Injury

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

lukie1224131d ago

nani is acting like a baby!

zinedine4131d ago

Nani is just out for revenge on carragher, he wants carragher to get something too

kulka4131d ago

Agree stupid coward players get injured all the time that is the risk players are taking everyone will get injured no escape It takes character to deal with it something this diver does not have