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Wenger: No 'anti-Messi' plan

"Everybody at the club is looking forward to playing Barcelona at the Camp Nou - we are a bit excited."

"We have to finish the job we started in London because you only get one opportunity to qualify, and we are full of hope."

"However, we have to be concerned because Barcelona caused us enough trouble at home, so we can expect it to be even more difficult on their turf." Arsene Wenger

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hendrikmaster4127d ago

i think if arsenal were able to seal off messi and maybe players like xavi and iniesta that they would have no trouble defending

kulka4127d ago

It's nearly impossible to stop Barca at Camp Nou 2-0 to Barca or more

cozmo1954127d ago

you got goal difference right o_O
you are good at guessing these lol

kulka4127d ago

Hehe That's it I going betting next game :P
Thanks for observation lol

cozmo1954127d ago

or you could bet the game will end 3-1

Liverpool 3 man u 1
Barcelona 3 Aresnal 1
Sporting Braga 1 Liverpool 3 ???

kulka4127d ago

haha I see a pattern developing just hope Braga won't beat Liverpool 3-1 lol
to be honest I go for draw in Portugal 1-1 and Liverpool should finish the buisness at Anfield 3-1 :P