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crazyturkey4127d ago

I thought Arsenal had a bad night, but Roma is no longer a match for Shakhtar.

zico4127d ago

....and now everybody wants to meet Shakhtar in the quarterfinals

Domer254126d ago

No kidding. Shaktar stinks and Roma's goalkeeping/defense where atrocious.

zico4127d ago

bye bye Italian football, tomorrow AC Milan is out

crazyturkey4127d ago

AC Milan and Inter need miracles to go through, though Spurs need to be consistent for once. Inter will have to attack a lot to get the equalizer, though that may not be their best attribute.

Mozilla894126d ago

AC Milan will probably go out but I wouldn't say Inter need a miracle, Bayern aren't really that great right now. Bayern can just as easily let a goal in as score one, they're not that great defensively.

Domer254126d ago

lol. I never count out AC.

zico4126d ago

Soon we`ll know. 1 hour the match start (Spurs-Milan). They need some Zlatan magic to get through...

ohahCantona4127d ago

congratulation to Shakhtar! I`m glad Roma is out! The club don`t belongs in CL.

Maradona4127d ago

Roma really lost their head here. An awful elbow should be 5 match ban.

RGB4127d ago

Disgrace wasn't it, was watching the highlights after the other game on Sky Sports 2. Unbelievable really, at least 3 reds and Webb was in charge again. World Cup was a shocker and so was this for him. He was probably the best ref in the world before the World Cup finals.

kulka4127d ago

Italian football is not effective any more end of story the style of play must change Italy failed to keep up with modern football since Milan won the CL Itlay have gone downwords the Yuventus affair also helped ruin this great football country disaster for Italy they need fresh blood youth in there otherwise teams like Inter wont be good enough for the Europa League