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Highlights: Schalke 04 3-1 Valencia [Agg 4-2] (UEFA Champions League Round of 16 2nd Leg - 09/03/11)

0-1 Ricardo Costa 17'
1-1 Farfan 40'
2-1 Gavranovic 53'
3-1 Farfan 90'+4'

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no_more_heroes4127d ago

Just like I said, Schalke are not afraid of Spanish teams.

zico4127d ago

If they meet Barca in the quaterf. they SHOULD BE afraid.

no_more_heroes4127d ago

They'll certainly be a HELL of a lot better than Arsenal were. A few seasons ago Schalke almost matched Barca play for play with only close 1-0 losses in the two legs, goals that Barca had to basically scrape over the line.

Might be different this time around, since Barca is better now than the last time they met, but you never know. Schalke seem to be liking the CL this season.

Mozilla894126d ago

I'm not a huge Barca fan but they would destroy Schalke I think. Any team that wants to stand a chance against Barca needs a great defense.

zico4126d ago

right now I don`t see any teams who can destroy Barca. They are just too good.

zico4127d ago

Hope Schalke meet Real Madrid. Want to see Raul playing against them ( and knock them out:-))

HxCGamer4126d ago

keep dreaming man...

if you really think barcelona is gonna win this u must be crazy, they have been slowing down drastically, while real is stepping up their game.

also, madrid will beat OL next week no problem

zico4126d ago

@HxCGamer: "Barca slowing down"... but still leading La Liga with many points (they gonna win this year too), and playing out Arsenal (second best English team right now)in the 8final.... I don`t think they slowing down....

no_more_heroes4126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

Maybe. Whatever match-ups have history behind them or seem the most attractive on paper is what you're gonna get:

Barcelona vs. Manchester United
Tottenham vs. Shakhtar Donetsk
Chelsea vs. Real Madrid
Schalke 04 vs. Bayern Munchen/Inter

Man Utd, Chelsea and Real Madrid are going through, absolutely no question about that, so, at most, switch Schalke with Man Utd, then Schalke with Chelsea. Tottenham is absolutely getting Shakhtar no matter what.