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Arsenal keeper accuses team-mates of walking against Barcelona

The Arsenal goalkeeper Manuel Almunia has accused his team-mates of walking rather than running in their Champions League defeat by Barcelona.

"Even at 3-1 we only needed one goal and you can't understand how there can be players that were walking," said Almunia who came on in the first half of the last-16 tie when Wojciech Szczesny dislocated his finger at the Camp Nou. "With a bit more effort we could have caused them damage at the end.

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no_more_heroes4126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

Because Arsenal players panic and mentally freeze when they see someone rushing toward them. At no point did they have less than 3 players doing so throughout the whole match. They're a bunch of weak, timid wimps who don't like getting knocked on their a$$.

/end rant

Sorry, had to get that out of my system. It's not good to keep poison in your body, that's why you poo and pee. :)

I guess they don't come up against real quality like that too often so it's probably understandable that they were utterly clueless and unable to do ANYTHING AT ALL.

Mozilla894126d ago

This should make for an interesting locker room environment.

FootballZilla4125d ago

Thats what i said after RVP got sent off Arsenal litreally looked like they knew they was going to lose they was just walking

and at that point it was still 1-1 so they had the advantage

no_more_heroes4125d ago

It says a lot to me that Almunia, widely regarded by everyone, their dog and their dog's puppies (myself included), as the worst Premier League goalkeeper in a long while can not only singlehandedly keep the scoreline from almost reaching double figures, but deliver an honest assessment of the way his team played and be 100% right.

Fagerborgbk4125d ago

I think Almunia was the best Arsenal player in this match.