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Highlights: SC Braga 1-0 Liverpool (UEFA Europa League Round of 16 1st Leg - 10/03/11)

1-0 Alan 18'(pen)

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FootballZilla3709d ago

The portuguese are doing great in Europa League

CSKA Moscow 0-1 FC Porto
Braga 1-0 Liverpool

Benfica still to play tonight vs PSG.

Porto was great and HARD win against a class team.


Porto Vs Ajax in final.

Maradona3709d ago

Ajax wont make it. Maybe Twente:)

ultramoot3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Don't get cocky. Liverpool lost by ONE goal. That too, a penalty, received by a 2nd choice defender. Liverpool's away record is always bad. But the return leg at Anfield will be very different, as Sparta Prague found out.

kulka3709d ago

Nah Liverpool will make it through Gerrard will be back Carroll will be fitter at Anfield there can only be one winner

FootballZilla3709d ago

On same week you beat manchester united 3-0 then you lose to braga which are in 6th in portuguese liga maybe the EPL isnt that AMAZING AS ENGLISH FANS SAY.

FootballZilla3709d ago

@lukie122 3-1 yeah lol forgot the chicharito goal

no_more_heroes3709d ago

yeah, but they didn't have Gerrard and Suarez, both being replaced by Spearing and Poulsen so there was that lack of creativity. Second half when Carroll came on Liverpool were much better.

kulka3709d ago

We did not have Gerrard and Suarez against Braga Liverpool will take it at Anfield

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no_more_heroes3709d ago

Now Braga have beaten the last 3 English teams they've played at home.

FootballZilla3709d ago

Liverpool who else?

no_more_heroes3709d ago

Actually, I think its British, in which case I think its Celtic in CL qualifying.

Rockstar_Panda3709d ago

It's bad that Porto and Braga don't play so well as in the start of the season. Oh well, they're succeeding anyway :D

zico3709d ago

Liverpool will take this

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