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Highlights: FC Twente 3-0 Zenit St. Petersburg (UEFA Europa League Round of 16 1st Leg - 10/03/11)

1-0 L. de Jong 25'
2-0 D. Landzaat 56'
3-0 L. de Jong 90'

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Yi-Long4127d ago

... and what an amazing pass by star-player Theo Janssen for that 3rd goal.

Zenit were unlucky though, and the 3-0 win, while welcome, didn't really do Zenit's performance justice.

ohahCantona4127d ago

Didn`t see the match, but agree; Great result by Twente. I don`t know so much about Dutch football. Maybe it is a better league than we think it is?

no_more_heroes4127d ago

they produce a lot of talent that is always snapped up by bigger clubs. Affelay to Barca for example.

Yi-Long4126d ago

... I'd rate the Eredivisie above the Serie A and just beneath the German Bundesliga. Like Cannon already mentioned, the Eredivisie always produces great talents who easily adjust in the bigger leagues.

In Holland pretty much all of the teams have players that can actually play football, and it's not just 2-3 teams who are way above the rest in terms of quality, but you have about 10-12 teams who can steal points from eachother, and even the lesser teams usually have some nice players.

Here in Holland there are many people who speak pretty degrading about the league and nicknaming it a Mickey Mouse league. I'm not one of them. They mostly base this idea on the money and exposure involved. I don't.

I just watch the football and the quality of the players.

And when I watch the Italian League you see a whole lot of pisspoor teams with many players who are both technically and tactically mediocre (at best), and 2-3 teams which are always in top who can afford some quality names and can easily win from the lousy teams.

The Premier League is without a doubt the best league in Europe, with the Spanish League following in 2nd place. Behind that are Germany and PROBABLY FRance (also a lot of talent seems to come from there, but I don't follow it all that well so I'm not sure), and I think de Eredivisie would probably be the 5th best league in Europe.

Also, just look at how many 'stars' from the Serie A actually succeed when they go and play in a different league. Not many. Zidane, Zola, and a couple of others I think, but that's pretty much it.

ohahCantona4126d ago

interresting "Yi-Long".
I agree about italian serie A. And you also see this in CL. I don`t think any Italian teams will come to the Quaterfinals. I think Frence and German bundesliga are great leagues and about at the same level.
1. EPL
2. Spanish La Liga
3. German Bundesliga and Frence Ligue 1 (same level)
4. Italian, Eredivisie, Portugeese (same level)

But interresting discussion. Maybe a blog about this?