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World Football: Are We Being Too Harsh on Referees or Do They Deserve Criticism?

Bleacher Report: Massimo Busacca is now an extremely hated figure by all Arsenal fans (including me), players and even the manager. His mistake? He sent off Robin van Persie and, in the process, nullified any hope of Arsenal going through to the quarter finals of the Champions League.

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Yi-Long4127d ago

... however, the referees are only human and can only be blames so much. The REAL blame is with FIFA, which refuses to implement modern technology to make the game more fair.

Now we have bad refereeing deciding matches while we can already see within seconds on our TV that a certain call was off or not.

That's just not right. It completely ruins matches, competitions, and dreams.

zootang4126d ago

We should just have the 3 challenges rule, like in tennis. That would take a lot of bad decisions out of the game and take a lot of heat off the refs.

kulka4126d ago

If anyone saw the Barca and Arsenal game you would see how tight the game was closing down players close to each other making it impossible for the ref to see everything only solution is Technology 3 or 4 ref's cant watch 22 players at the same time