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Barcelona fear Arsenal have Guardiola deal lined up

The Daily Star Sunday says there’s growing concern at the Nou Camp following the Barca boss’s decision to sign only a one-year extension to his contract.

The Catalan club wanted their brilliant boss to pledge himself to the club on a longer deal.

And the Premier League is seen as the most likely destination if Guardiola decides he needs a new challenge.

He’s been touted as a candidate to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson, 69, at Manchester United when the Red Devils’ boss finally calls it a day but Arsenal is said to be the club closest to Guardiola’s footballing heart.

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lukie1224126d ago

i think pep could make it at arsenal.

nieuwland144126d ago

barca would hate him if he went to arsenal he should go to chelsea...

RedDevils4125d ago

WTF? LMAO how would they hate him if he go to Arsenal and not Chelsea, I bet they will respect his decision by going to Arsenal but hate him if he went to Chelsea instead :P

sokrates4126d ago

Pep would make it anywhere. I am confident that his gonna stay in Barca. Why should he leave? I cant find 1 good reason...

Mozilla894126d ago

I agree, you're coaching a team you used to play for. A team which is one of the best in the world, and you have the full support of players, fans, and management.

Why leave?

freeduck4126d ago

I would like him at Liverpool. We need a manager in the summer if Dalglish doesn't get a new deal

RedDevils4125d ago

It would be Liverpool to not give Kenny a new deal, he better than both Roy and RAFA

no_more_heroes4125d ago

No use thinking about such an impossible thing. Plus, unless he teaches them how to ride a two-footed sliding tackle, injuries will worsen in direct proportion to the increased degree to which the tackles are criminally "mistimed".