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Paper Round: United 'to sell Rooney'

Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson is to sell Wayne Rooney in the summer, according to the News of the World.

The paper claims that Rooney and Ferguson's relationship, already rocky following the striker's contract negotiations last autumn, has reached an all-time low in recent weeks - despite the fact that the 25-year-old has finally rediscovered his scoring touch.

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lukie1223647d ago

he will be hard to sell if you ask me!

sokrates3646d ago

United wont sell him. Not a chance in the world.

nieuwland143647d ago

man u should sell rooney he hasnt been fantastic like his old form and manu now have stars like nani hernandez and berbatov

ultramoot3647d ago

Maybe Chelsea should buy him for £50mil. (*joking*.....or am I?)

RedDevils3646d ago

I would LMAO if they actually brought him for 50ml but on the serious If he ever gonna go to Real Madrid or Barca, that probably the place he won't get hated and still get to play games

DavidLuiz43646d ago

Waitt .. Do Yall think Chelsea could Get him ?

KingsCross3646d ago

Would have been great. For me he is more than welcome. Stupid kid, but leaving United he will learn to behave:)

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