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Excuses starting to wear thin for goal-shy Fernando Torres

Excuses are like those miracle diet tips you see advertised on the cover of women's magazines – the more there are, the less credible they are. Over the past year or so a host of explanations have been offered for the poor form of Fernando Torres: his confidence is low, non-stop football has left him jaded, he needs a long run of games to fully shake off injury, the players around him are unworthy, his motivation is drained, he is trying too hard. And so on. Much more of this and Chelsea fans will be forced to conclude that the most expensive footballer in British history is, in fact, a waste of money.

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nieuwland144282d ago

i think he will score his first goal soon then more will come

ultramoot4282d ago

You mean you "hope"? I do too. Because if he doesn't, people will think we scammed Chelsea into paying £50m for a piece of crap, which we really didn't(I swear).

KingsCross4282d ago

I am confident Torres will help Chelsea beeing a better team. The goals are yet to come, but they will!

RedDevils4281d ago

I got a feeling he won't score any this season, but he will start scoring early next season tho

lukie1224282d ago

he should have scored by now!

zootang4282d ago

Not as good as Rooney and he also has had a bad year.

RedDevils4281d ago

@Sahil Yeah Rooney that right, 11 assists and 7 goals said it all

trunker4281d ago

we would all love and expect that BUT bergkamp, henry all went between 7 - 9 games without scoring, yes Torres is 50mil but no pre season training to understand the style/philosophy of his new team, the current team don't know where/how best he want's the ball ...he is new to london, doesn't have any 'friend's' in the team - no natural spanish speakers

the young man needs to settle into the team, the city, the culture, training regime etc.

unfortunate timing for him formwise as well as the team is already struggling to create chances as it is.

he'll need a play maker in behind him next season and a lot of manning up from the current support players in malouda, lampard etc

kulka4282d ago

It takes time to settle in a club if he gets first goal more are certain to follow or perhaps he doesn't suit chelsea we'll have to wait and see

hendrikmaster4282d ago

this is true but torres doesnt really live up to chelsea's expectations

freeduck4282d ago

Ever seen the departure of Benitez, Torres doesn't seem to have his infamous form. He was just finding it under Dalglish, as he did play better and scored more goals (3 in his last 4 games) but left too soon. I don't think he will be a star striker for Chelsea. Too much pressure and expectations

KingPin4281d ago

Liverpool made a huge profit on torres!! worth 50mil? i think not. for 50mil youd expect him to score on his debut, at least one goal!! its taking him forever and i can tell you even chelsea fans are getting impatient. sure he will score again, but he is past his prime in my books.